Fun 'n Crazy YouTube--Learning New Languages is Fun!

❝If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.❞ ~Nelson Mandela

I am in the mood this week to learn at least two foreign languages, and I found the two most-perfect videos to fill my head with language and laughter. Because last week's post about weight loss was heavy, I figured you guys would appreciate the lightheartedness of these two Fun 'n Crazy YouTubes!

The first is a girl who helped me experience several foreign languages.

And here's the dog who did the same thing:

Oh my cow, I learned so much! Point me to the nearest foreign country, or even Chinatown, and I. Am. Set!

As English author and journalist Geoffrey Willans said, ❝You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.❞

Goodbye everybody, and thanks for watching!

"Foreign Language" has it's own Wiki Page; and here are foreign language dictionaries on Amazon. You may also be interested in the Wiki Page of Pimsleur (a method to learn foreign languages), and the Wiki Page of Rosetta Stone (another method to learn foreign languages).


It's Personal--My Weight-Loss Journey: Plateauing, a New Paradigm

“Judging yourself is just as bad as judging someone else. Our thoughts are a powerful force, and what you pay attention, to you empower. Judging yourself only serves to strengthen your shortcomings.” ~ Jon Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body

photo credit: Ravensmagiclantern via photopin cc

For those of you who are my Facebook friends, you've heard me mention from time-to-time that I've lost a pound here or a pound-and-a-half there taking Green Coffee Bean Extract regularly. In fact, from April 2013 to September 2013, I lost fifty pounds.

I went off the Green Coffee Bean because I wanted to see what would happen. What happened was--I maintained beautifully. In fact, in December, I lost another 2 lbs., even though I was eating a lot of rich food in large amounts.

Huh, I thought, the supplement must have permanently changed my metabolism.

But then, in January 2014, I started taking the supplement again and ate exactly like I did before when I was losing more that a pound a week and I did not lose one pound!

So, I was confused. I prayed for an answer that would start me losing again and I found the book The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel.

Gabriel's premise? He says there is one most important determinant as to why a person is overweight or not, and that is whether or not the person feels safe.

And here's the kicker--when we feel emotionally threatened, unhappy, worried, lacking, grieving, or stressed, our bodies interpret these feelings as a physical threat. Our bodies interpret our negative emotions as danger, then they cause us to retain excess fat because they believe the fat will protect us.

photo credit: Arya Ziai via photopin cc

This dynamic also applies to the inability to lose more weight when dieting, which is commonly called a "plateau."

Well bust my britches (and I have), this sounds like bad news. First, how can I know what is eating me and second, how can I relieve myself of these powerful emotions once I ferret out what they are?

First, Gabriel does a great job of categorizing all the many mental issues that would make a person feel unsafe. These categories really helped my husband and me locate real issues that have been there for years and we're just now realizing them because of Gabriel's book!

Very powerful.

And second, he gives you ways to release these emotions. Hubby and I have also discovered a way to release deep-seated emotions through EFT (Tapping) and we use our method for release. (I'll share this method in a later post.)

But the big epiphany for me was when I asked myself when the big stall in weight loss started and what could have made me feel unsafe at that particular time. The answer was that I had to initiate contact with someone in August who I feel unsafe around. Only a week later, in September, my weight loss had stopped.

In other words, it may not have been the cessation of the supplement that caused me to suddenly stop losing. The cause of my sudden plateau may have been the new stressor!

So, this is a huge understanding for me, and my task now is to release these emotions and allow my body to feel safe enough to lose. I'll let you know when the pounds start coming off again!

I'll blog more on this later. Until then, you might want to buy Jon's book.

See Jon Gabriel's website; and buy the book on Amazon.

Source Article: Above quote from Goodreads.


Every-Other-Day Quote--Bob Costas

"You had the gold, gold, gold all but in your hand. By your folly you have disappointed everyone at home and, worse yet, NBC and its advertisers. You were showboating, weren't you?" ~Bob Costas

Bob Costas, May 2012, Gotham Hall in New York
photo credit: wfuv via photopin cc

Right now, you know him as the pink-eyed Olympic news anchor. But, Bob Costas has a legacy that goes far beyond his double-infection of Pinkeye. Thank goodness!

He is a sportscaster, yes, and became one in 1974 calling games for radio station KMOX on a show called The Spirits of St. Louis.

But the show that made me fall in love with him--professional love, nothing else ;)--is the show Later, which ran on NBC from 1988 to 1994. What I found was a brilliant interviewer who had great wit and insight.

According to Ray Hamel of IMDB, Costas is a "TV sportscaster known as a smart interviewer with encyclopedic knowledge and a devilish sense of humor." 

Bob Costas is something of a journalist crossed with a therapist. In the video below, at counter number 1:35, he says to Roger Eibert, "Now, you see, that shows a man who's defensive because. . . ."

And, as you can see from the opening quote of this post, he nails the inner motivations of some poor Olympian who didn't cut the muster.

For anyone who watches American sports, you know him from his current show Studio 42 on the MLB Network. Even people who don't normally watch sports know him as the primetime host and interviewer for NBC Winter Olympic coverage  (and he's done that repeatedly starting in 2002).

But, I think of him as beyond the label "sportscaster." To me he is a brilliant journalist, period, and deserves a spot in the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Siskel & Ebert - Later with Bob Costas - Thanksgiving 1992 (1/4)

See Bob Costas Wiki Page; Books by him on Amazon.

Source Articles: Wikipedia; IMDB; ThinkExist


Holiday--Random Acts of Kindness Day

"We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness." ~Charlie Chaplan

Random Acts of Kindness Day is today, Monday!

Often known as RAK Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day started in New Zealand in 2005 when Josh de Jong decided there just wasn't enough love in the world and something needed to be done about it.

I would embellish this story with "It was a cold gray morning when..." but, I don't know what the weather was like when Josh had his epiphany. What I do know is that, if it weren't for him, we'd all be mean as fire ants!

Here are some ideas for RAK Day:

  • Pay someone's bill at a restaurant or fast-food place. (Make sure you ask the server what that person's bill is before you promise to pay. Ha!)
  • Send someone a letter of appreciation or "thank you." 
  • If you interact with a waiter, customer service person, or any local employee, send their boss a letter of appreciation for their good work (and remember to compliment the employee, too!). 
  • Visit someone in prison (that's from the Bible). 
  • Give a card, small gift, or flowers to someone for NRAA (no reason at all). Unconditional love, baby!
  • A back massage always is appreciated. You can give the massage yourself or give a gift card for a professional one. 

And here are some ideas straight from those 50s/60s health films they made us watch:

  • Be polite
  • Speak positively and try not to complain
  • Help someone with their groceries
  • Help the elderly: read to them, help them across the street, visit them in prison "the old folk's home." You get the idea.
  • Brush your teeth (optional).

There are so many more great ideas. What can you come up with for this day?

Random Acts of Kindess Day has a Wiki Page; and go to Amazon to see the book.

Source Articles: Holiday Insights: Random Acts of Kindness Day; and the Wikipedia page