Fascinating YouTube Character--Craze Z. Woman

"We should make perfect pesticides for the crops but it's good for people and healthy and keeps the crops preserved too because we need the food because it's food and stuff."~ Craze Z. Woman

The above quote is from a YouTube vid of a Santa Cruz Council meeting in 2008 that shows a nameless woman, I've named her Craze Z. Woman, standing before the Council and solving all the world's problems.

Why is it, when people say insane things, human beings try to make sense of them? I have gone back to this video tons of times and I think I almost understand what this woman is saying, then comprehension slips from my grasp.

We don't know if she's high, insane, or stupid, but she rambles on about the Union and slaves on the East Coast and food and land that is free except you need to pay the farmers.

She suggests we should put things in stores and sell them.

She also suggests becoming rich in cotton and mining metals and silk worms, and letting machines make things for us.

This would all be a "California thing."

Most of the world is laughing at her, but I respect her because I'm always impressed when debaters make their points with the word "stuff." It makes me stand right at attention.

Well, there's more, oh so much more--like vegetable trees. Buckle up so you don't fall off the roller coaster.


  1. I had to stop on 0:57 because it hurt my brain so much.

    So much...

  2. Holy cow. I know a five year old who argues like this. Except the five year old has slightly more complex thoughts.