Fascinating Holiday--National No Dirty Dishes Day

"The best thing about No Dirty Dishes Day is that the wife is happy when I come home from roaming the marketplaces of Athens, where I accost people with my crazy ideas." ~Socrates

May 18th is a day to refrain from making any dish in your house dirty. I know, I'm posting this in the afternoon, and you probably have dirtied quite a few dishes. But you can stop RIGHT NOW and start eating on paper plates, using plastic utensils, and declaring this a precious and even sacred holiday for yourself.

The best thing is, you have an excuse to go out to dinner tonight!

BTW, Socrates never said any such thing!

Source Articles: HolidayInsights; National No Dirty Dishes Day.


  1. LOL. My dishwasher is running right now. At this moment this is not one dirty dish in the house besides my drink cup next to my computer. :)

  2. Good for you, Jan! You are already into the spirit of things. Light a candle at the end of the day and THANK GOD for National No Dirty Dishes Day. :D