Fascinating Recipe--Do My Bidding Parmesan-Rosemary Yeast Rolls

7 frozen yeast rolls (Rhodes is a popular brand)
1 T grated Parmesan cheese
1 t. Rosemary leaves (fresh or dried)
4 T. butter, melted

Early in the day, take an 8-inch baking dish and spray it with cooking spray. (I use an 8-inch, glass,  decorative pie plate. The rolls rise, bake, and are served in the same plate. The Pioneer Woman uses an 8-inch iron skillet.)

Set the frozen rolls evenly apart in the dish, with one in the middle and the rest circled around. Let these rolls sit until they are big, puffy and fully risen. Go by package directions, but in high altitude it can take as long as 6 hours. Other climates report as short as 3 hours.

When they look like they're ready, heat the oven to 400 degrees F. Melt the butter. You can add a little oil to stretch it if butter is dear to you.

Now, take a pastry brush and GENTLY brush on some butter to the tops of all the rolls. THEN, take the rosemary in little pinches and spread evenly across the rolls. Do the same with the Parmesan cheese.

Brush the whole thing AGAIN with the butter. Yes, do it again. You won't die. Put in the oven and bake according to directions. Usually, it's 20 minutes. Watch them! I check them half-way through and turn them around so they brown evenly.

When they're golden and beautiful, take them out and brush them with butter again! This isn't a diet food. It's a come-to-me-and-love-me food.

Also try putting these toppings on the rolls:

1 t. Kosher or sea salt

Use other herbs instead of Rosemary. Thyme? Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme seem to go together. :D

Dried minced onions. You'll find these with the spices.
Seeds! Leave the Rosemary off and use either Dill seed, Poppy seed, or Celery seed, or a mixture of all three! (The seeds and onions are Becky Johnson's idea.)
Caraway seeds by themselves would make the rolls taste like rye bread.

Experiment! Have fun!  I am particularly interested in stories from y'all about how effective these rolls are in getting your love's heart to melt, or getting a loan shark off your back. :D

Source Recipes: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Buttered Rosemary Rolls; Becky's Joy Bistro: Seeded Parmesan Pull-Apart Bread


  1. I think you could use cinnamon. Yes. That would be fabulous. Instead of the rosemary and parmesan, though. Not with.

  2. For a sweet twist, cinnammon would be fabulo! Maybe some sugar sprinkled on top, too!