Fascinating YouTube Character--Mr. Double Dream Hands

"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good."  ~Edwin Denby

Is he for REAL??? Mr. Double Dream Hands is very happy, and he's known for a dance video that went viral quite a while ago, but it's still going strong. You may have seen it on Ellen. Ellen Degeneres went crazy over it, and not only had Mr. Double Dream Hands on her show, she had him back to teach her staff the "Double Dream Hands" routine!

Mr. Double Dream Hands is really John Jacobson, a music educator who enlisted the help of other teachers to design music and choreography material for children. He has a website, and he's wild about music and choreography, as the video below shows. He also has big teeth and seems crazily gleeful. :D

The "Double Dream Hands" dance routine is set to the song "Planet Rock," an original song written by, you guessed it, John Jacobson.

Here is Jacobson's Bio on his Music Express Magazine site. Here is more about him on

Also, DON'T MISS Double Dream Feet and Ellen's Staff Does Double Dream Hands.

Source for videos is YouTube.

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