Theme of the Month--April is National Humor Month

"Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes." ~Jim Carrey

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Larry Wilde founded National Humor Month in 1976 "to heighten public awareness on how the joy and therapeutic value of laughter can improve health, boost morale, increase communication skills and enrich the quality of one's life." (Quote is taken from their website.)

And there you have it.

To celebrate, I will be blogging this month about my top five favorite comedians:

  • Anita Renfro
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Lucille Ball
  • Phyllis Diller
  • Tim Hawkins

Some things you can do to celebrate--

  • Read Comedian Biographies (see Amazon link below)
  • Read Joke books to people you love or hate
  • Play practical jokes on your friends and family (nothing mean, keep it friendly)
  • Make a point to laugh every day--it's good for you to be silly.

Because Martians are so funny...
I put the joke book thing on the list because when I was a child, eons ago, my parents and I used to sit around the table and read this stupid ethnic joke book. I won't say what ethnicity it was, so let's just say it was a Martian joke book.

Anyhow, we must have read it cover-to-cover several times, way back in the insensitive '70s, and laughed our guts out. The Martians never knew, so no one was hurt. And now that we know how Neanderthal it is to read rude joke books about foreigners, I'm not recommending your joke book be ethnic, you clod. Just funny.

But bodily functions are okay. Tim Hawkins thinks so, anyway. Here is his parody of Kansas' "Dust in the Wind."

National Humor Month has it's own site; Here are biographies of comedians on Amazon; and joke books on Amazon.

Source Articles--Holiday Insights; National Humor Month website; Brainy Quote, Funny Quotes; YouTube: Tim Hawkins--A Whiff of Kansas.

For further reading-- "National Humor Month: Laughing Matters" (Huffington Post, lists the health benefits of laughter.)

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