My Fascinating Life--My Weight-Loss Journey: Plateauing, a New Paradigm

“Judging yourself is just as bad as judging someone else. Our thoughts are a powerful force, and what you pay attention, to you empower. Judging yourself only serves to strengthen your shortcomings.” ~ Jon Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body

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For those of you who are my Facebook friends, you've heard me mention from time-to-time that I've lost a pound here or a pound-and-a-half there taking Green Coffee Bean Extract regularly. In fact, from April 2013 to September 2013, I lost fifty pounds.

I went off the Green Coffee Bean because I wanted to see what would happen. What happened was--I maintained beautifully. In fact, in December, I lost another 2 lbs., even though I was eating a lot of rich food in large amounts.

Huh, I thought, the supplement must have permanently changed my metabolism.

But then, in January 2014, I started taking the supplement again and ate exactly like I did before when I was losing more that a pound a week and I did not lose one pound!

So, I was confused. I prayed for an answer that would start me losing again and I found the book The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel.

Gabriel's premise? He says there is one most important determinant as to why a person is overweight or not, and that is whether or not the person feels safe.

And here's the kicker--when we feel emotionally threatened, unhappy, worried, lacking, grieving, or stressed, our bodies interpret these feelings as a physical threat. Our bodies interpret our negative emotions as danger, then they cause us to retain excess fat because they believe the fat will protect us.

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This dynamic also applies to the inability to lose more weight when dieting, which is commonly called a "plateau."

Well bust my britches (and I have), this sounds like bad news. First, how can I know what is eating me and second, how can I relieve myself of these powerful emotions once I ferret out what they are?

First, Gabriel does a great job of categorizing all the many mental issues that would make a person feel unsafe. These categories really helped my husband and me locate real issues that have been there for years and we're just now realizing them because of Gabriel's book!

Very powerful.

And second, he gives you ways to release these emotions. Hubby and I have also discovered a way to release deep-seated emotions through EFT (Tapping) and we use our method for release. (I'll share this method in a later post.)

But the big epiphany for me was when I asked myself when the big stall in weight loss started and what could have made me feel unsafe at that particular time. The answer was that I had to initiate contact with someone in August who I feel unsafe around. Only a week later, in September, my weight loss had stopped.

In other words, it may not have been the cessation of the supplement that caused me to suddenly stop losing. The cause of my sudden plateau may have been the new stressor!

So, this is a huge understanding for me, and my task now is to release these emotions and allow my body to feel safe enough to lose. I'll let you know when the pounds start coming off again!

I'll blog more on this later. Until then, you might want to buy Jon's book.

See Jon Gabriel's website; and buy the book on Amazon.

Source Article: Above quote from Goodreads.


  1. Hmm. This has given me a lot to think about. Thanks for sharing something so personal. I appreciate your open generosity!