Fascinating Character--Tim Hawkins

“It's not like I have a choice. Comedy is my only life skill.” ~Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian who, at the end of his show, throws out Depends adult diapers to the audience. This act is illogical because the audience needs the Depends at the beginning. Remember to always bring a change of underwear to a Tim Hawkins show.

He does a combo of stand-up and singing funny songs, which are often parodies of popular radio tunes such as Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take The Wheel," "The Candy Man,"  and Kansas' "Dust in the Wind,"  which I shared with you in "April is National Humor Month." His parody of the Beetles' "Yesterday" is below.

Hawkins is pretty open about why he is funny. "I could always make people around me laugh. It was more like a defense mechanism than anything else because I was a pretty shy guy."

He's released five CDs and six DVDs since 2002, the year he quit trucking. In fact, he quit his job, released a series of comedy videos on YouTube, and became famous fast.  Smart marketer!

When he's not touring (he has a heavy touring schedule), Tim is home with his wife and four children. I wonder if he talks to his older brother Todd when he's home because his brother is his stage manager and Tim might be sick of him. Just conjecturing.

Here he is with his loin disease. I needed those Depends for this one.

And here is my favorite Tim Hawkins' parody...the Beetles' "Yesterday."

Tim has his own website TimHawkins.Net;  a Wikipedia Page;  and here are some DVDs of his stand-up; and his book is Awesome on the Inside.

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