Fascinating Holiday--Talk Like a Pirate Day

"Let's jump on board, and cut them to pieces." ~ Blackbeard

Arr, me hearty blog readers. I wanted to share with ye about how I be havin’ fun with a grand and magical language! 

If you are like me, a totally foreign language is too hard to learn quickly, (Rosetta Stone is still work). But, what if you learn a new and magical dialect? A marvelous and fantastical accent?  You enter a wonderful land as fast as you can say, “By the powers!”

Enter this magical land through this here website Talk Like a Pirate Day and ye ne’er be bored. And in case ye haven’t figured it out, it be pirate talk.

Ye be leavin’ comments below in the grand and masterful talk of pirates. Arr…

Here is the holiday's Wiki Page;

More fun:  the Cheezburger site; English to Pirate Translator; Pirate Name Generator; How to Play Liar Dice (a pirate game)

Source Article: Like a Pirate Day


  1. Arrr, I once heard of a reporter who interviewed a pirate. He was fascinated by a pirate who had an eye patch, a hook, & a wooden leg.
    "Tell me, how did you get your wooden leg?"
    "Well, ya see, we hadda turble, turble storm, & inna rockin' of the sea & the deck, it snapped me leg clean in half. So I got me this peg leg."
    " Wow, that's terrible. What about your arm?"
    "Aye, that was another turble day. A storm was blowin', with man-eatin' sharks all around. A big wave, & one came clean up onto me poop deck & bit me hand off. Arrr, that was a sad day, I tell ya."
    The reporter sat entranced, mouth open in wonder. "My goodness, you've certainly had your share of injuries. How did you you lose your eye?"
    "Aye, that. That was caused by seagull poop."
    The reporter was stunned. "Seagull poop? I had no idea seagull poop could cause blindness."
    And the pirate replied, "Well, it was me first day wit the hook, ya see..."

    1. Oh my cow! Too Funny. With your permission, next year I will share this on Talk Like a Pirate Day. It will be a good addition to the site and the holiday!

  2. Of course! I don't know where I first heard it, so I can't give credit to whomever started it. It's one of my favs!